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00:00 The Suicide Squad's Plot:
In less than half a year, James Gunn's newest superhero movie "The Suicide Squad" will
be out, and we now have a whole lot of new info on the DC blockbuster to share with you.
According to the official synopsis, part of the action takes place in Belle Reve, the prison
with the highest mortality rate in the US. To escape from it all, many supervillains join
Task Force X, including Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Ratcatcher, King
Shark, Blackguard, Javelin and, of course, Harley Quinn. They must then not only make
their way through rough terrain and a secluded island, but they must defeat the enemy
guerrilla forces...

01:15 Mission Impossible 8:
Shortly before the end of production on "Mission Impossible 7", Deadline reports that the
long-term planned project of shooting Part 7 and Part 8 simultaneously has now been
scrapped. One reason for this is Tom Cruise's long-announced promo tour for the followup
to the cult film "Top Gun", which is scheduled for US release on July 2 this year. The
plan is to continue with "Mission Impossible 8" shortly after the release of "Top Gun:
Maverick". A further cause is the more difficult filming conditions due to the pandemic, as
was already seen in the filming of "Mission Impossible 7", which was repeatedly

02:05 New Paranormal Activity movie:
Well over a decade ago, producer and director Oren Peli released the first part of the now
world-famous horror series "Paranormal Activity“. What made it special: His surprise hit
grossed a staggering $193 million on a mere $15,000 budget. After several sequels and a
spin-off, it's now time for a new one, and media reports confirm that the entire Paranormal
Activity brand is to be renewed for theaters. Rumors have been circulating for some time
that a new part was imminent, but the fact that the entire franchise is being revamped and
started from scratch was not apparent until now. Concrete details about the content are
still scarce at this point, but it's more than likely that we'll see a return of the old tried and
true found footage material...

03:10 Paddington 3:
Originally, a third film about the popular children's book character Paddington Bear was
supposed to be released at the end of last year. As so often happens behind the scenes,
however, they could not bring themselves to begin production and so the project was put
on hold for an indefinite period of time. As Variety now reports, though, those responsible
at StudioCanal have finally given the green light, as actor Hugh Bonneville also confirmed
in a radio interview...

03:59 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2:
"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" was packed with nasty villains, led of course by
Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. After Part 2 has been announced for a long time, rumors about a
new villain appearing in the sequel have begun to pile up lately. The site Murphy's
Multiverse reports that Dr. Jonathan Ohnn, better known as The Spot, will become one of
Miles Morales' adversaries. Fans may already be familiar with Spot from the comics or
from the "New Spider-Man" series, but it is a nice idea indeed to introduce the new villain
outside of the animated series from the '90s...

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