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00:00 Sonic 2
Almost everyone can still remember the messed up conception of Sonic's appearance and the resulting outrage. What followed was an elaborate post-production and a commercially successful "Sonic The Hedgehog" movie. Of course, the announcement of a successor didn't take long, and as it looks now, the production will start soon. At least that's what many relevant websites with reference to the BC Creative Film Commission report, as an entry with the name "Emerald Hill" appeared on the website of the company responsible for the shooting...

00:50 Warner Bros
On Thursday, Warner Bros. officially announced that all films to be released next year will be available at the cinema AND on HBO Max simultaneously. The decision will be applied beginning next year and is not intended to extend beyond 2021. After it was already clear that "Wonder Woman 1984" would be released based on this model, a whole series of top-class blockbusters are now following. These include "The Suicide Squad", "Dune", "Tom & Jerry", "Godzilla vs Kong" and many more...

02:01 Hawkeye
With "Hawkeye" the next big Disney+ series is on its way. What's been driving fans for a year is the question of who will replace the Marvel hero as Hawkeye in the course of the series. Some sources reported "Bumblebee" star Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, but this was never confirmed. As a first video of shooting in a New York subway station shows, many were right in their assumption, because in fact not only Jeremy Renner but also Hailee Steinfeld can be seen here. You can also see her holding a bow in one hand and a dog leash in the other...

03:02 Daredevil
After the 2003 "Daredevil" movie with Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock was a big flop, it was quiet around the Marvel character for a long time. Only the mostly positive rated Netflix series with Charlie Cox as Daredevil gained popularity among the fans after a while - and was cancelled in 2018 after three seasons. On November 29th, exactly two years later, Netflix's film rights finally expired, which means that the story around Murdock could finally be used in some way for the MCU...

04:01 Babylon
A few days ago it was announced that Emma Stone is no longer considered for Damien Chazelles Hollywood epic "Babylon". This comes as a bit of a surprise, as Chazelles collaboration with Stone has earned the 32-year-old an Oscar as best actress in 2017. The reason for the exit, however, is not supposed to be a dispute between the two, but rather Stone's busy schedule. A suitable replacement also seems to have been found, because as The Wrap reports, the "La La Land" actress will be replaced by none other than Margot Robbie...

04:53 Van Helsing
So far, all that was known was that James Wan is working on a project for Universal's Monster franchise, but now it is clear which one: a "Van Helsing" movie. Many people will know the vampire hunter of the same name, especially through Hugh Jackman's not quite so convincing performance in 2004. Even if the main actor has not yet been determined, at least one director has been found for the blockbuster, namely Julius Avery, who became known to a wider audience mainly through "Operation: Overlord"...

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