Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 - Did The Trailer Release Date Just Get REVEALED?!

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Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 - Did The Trailer Release Date Just Get REVEALED?!
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The Mortal Kombat reboot film that's dropping April 16th continue to gets closer to release! Thankfully, it seems like we might've gotten another new tease in regards to when we'll be getting this month's reveal trailer. As wild as it sounds, we might've subliminally been given a hint through one of the weirdest instances ever! MK producer, Todd Garner, appears to have added a random date of 02/26 (ALL SPECULATION CURRENTLY) to his (still privated) Twitter bio. Personally, with the trailer confirmed a few weeks ago to be dropping this month, this isn't too crazy of an idea is it? Why else would he add this? What else could this mean? What do you guys think of this? Let me know! With that said, drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for everything MK and Mortal Kombat 11!

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