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Tital --- kambakkht Ishq movie 2

The super duper hit film "Kambakkht Ishq" you ain't seen on the screen, pyaar ki fight fights with friends love story and with cute si nokzhonk, has been one of those Bollywood films. Whose everything was perfect, as well as the audience did not skimp in giving their love to this film, that is why this film earned a great deal at the box office too .... due to which the film maker once Then we are going to make a sequel of this film, yes according to the news, we are going to see "Fucking Ishq 2" movie soon ..

So that's why in this video of our day, you will know about the film, what will be the starcast, what will be the story, and by when the film will come ... So if you too know all these things related to "Fucking Ishq 2" movie If you want, just stay with us till the end of this video, but before that there will be a like for this entertainment film!

"Kambakkht Ishq" movie was a love story comedy drama film released in 2009, which was made under the direction of "Shabbir Khan", the film "Viraj Shergill Bane Akshay Kumar" and "Simrita i.e. Dr. Sim" Kareena Kapoor "was based on the chemistry of love, who hates each other immensely, but while undergoing surgery for" Viraj Shergill "," Dr. Sim, falls in love with her, and eventually hates each other. " Those who do "Viraj and Doctor Sim" take hold of each other ... The same story of the film was so beautifully portrayed by the love chemistry of actors "Akshay Kumar" and "Kareena Kapoor" that even today the audience The story of the film and the chemistry of this beautiful couple have not been forgotten, which was seen in the color of the box office in terms of earnings, that is why even today the tremendous excitement of the sequel of this film is seen among the audience. .!

And when there is so much demand for the sequel of this film among the fans, how can the filmmaker step back from completing this exercise? Yes, you are thinking right, according to the news from the Bollywood news portal "Shabbir Khan" Once again, "Kambakkht Ishq 2" is coming with the movie ..... in which the filmmakers have already planned to add a lot of twist and turn, plus in the film we will also see a double dose of comedy. , Which is going to be quite entertaining to watch ...

Talk about the star cast of the film, this time it is going to be a multistar film, in which the actors "Akshay Kumar" and Singham i.e. Ajay Devgan have been cast as the man lead actors, who are being cast in the film It is to be seen filming action scenes as well ... While the actress "Sara Ali Khan" in the star cast of the film, and Kiara Advani are being approached as the main lead actress ... Who will be seen in a very comedy style along with romance in the film.

But it has not been revealed yet that we will get to see which actress pair with which actor in the film ... nor has the official announcement of the film been made, but there are reports that the filmmakers will soon get the official announcement of the film We are going to bring it to the floor for which you can clearly see tremendous excitement among the audience right now!

So guys what pair of actresses would you like to see in "Fucking Ishq 2" movie ...? You must tell us by commenting in the comment box, and you should not forget to subscribe to our channel to see more such entertainment and amazing videos related to the film industry!
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