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00:00 Justice League Sequel?
Finally, the long-awaited Snyder Cut of "Justice League" has been released! Director Zack Snyder spoke with IGN and revealed a few more details. For instance, his project is said to conclude with an ending sequence that is quite similar to that of the original cut. Moreover, in addition to the already released six chapters, there will be a kind of epilogue that will stretch over 20-25 minutes and will be called "A Father Twice Over". Despite the "massive cliffhanger", as Snyder himself calls the ending, a sequel is not planned, however, partly due to Warner Bros.' apparent reluctance to do so...https://kinocheck.com/news/qohjz5

01:25 Venom 2 delayed, once again:
Sobering news for "Venom" fans: The blockbuster with Tom Hardy has once again been given a new release date. Originally, Sony's long-awaited project was supposed to be finally released at the end of June, but as officials have now announced, the release will be postponed again by several months...https://kinocheck.com/news/ve5hj3

02:10 Peter Pan & Wendy Remake:
As Disney announced last Wednesday, the production of Disney's "Peter Pan & Wendy" remake has begun in Vancouver. Director David Lowery and producer Jim Whitaker, who previously collaborated on "Pete's Dragon" in 2016, are responsible for the live-action project. The script was written by Toby Halbrook and it is said to be based in large part on the original from 1953, which in turn is a film adaptation of J. M. Barrie's 110-year-old novella "Peter and Wendy". The cast is also quite impressive, because with Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson, they have found two suitable actors for Peter Pan and his lady friend Wendy...https://kinocheck.com/news/x5p40v

03:11 Puss in Boots 2:
After Dreamworks' "Puss in Boots" grossed a whopping 552 million US dollars in 2011, the release date and title of the sequel has now been announced after a period of almost ten years. The sequel is named "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish" and will be released on September 23, 2022. What will please fans of the first part is that Antonio Banderas will once again lend his voice to the Puss in Boots. The content will be about the search for the last wish, which is the only way to restore the main character's eight already lost lives...https://kinocheck.com/news/iy4c1v

04:06 Avatar now highest grossing movie:
As we reported last week, James Cameron's "Avatar" was re-released in Chinese cinemas. Soon after the release, it was already evident what we and many others had predicted: "Avengers: Endgame" has to give up its first place among the most successful movies of all time to its competitor. On release day, Disney already took in around 3.5 million US dollars, which is pretty decent for a film that is over ten years old...https://kinocheck.com/news/yycdji

04:45 Oscars 2021 nominees:
While the Academy Awards in February of last year were still comparatively ordinary, this year, the organizers will of course have to come up with something different. At the ceremony on April 25th, only the nominees, an accompanying person as well as the laudators are allowed to be on site, as an official email from David Rubin, the president of the Academy, reveals. As every year, we provide you with a brief overview of the most important categories and nominees - minor spoiler alert: Netflix will most likely sweep the board...https://kinocheck.com/news/t3yfjm

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