Best Upcoming SUPERHERO Movies We Can't Wait To See (2021-2022)... KinoCheck Originals

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In today's episode of our KinoCheck Originals we present you 9 upcoming superhero movies we can't wait to see. | Subscribe ➤ | More
The world of superhero movies has always had an intriguing aspect to it and its fan base has been huge for decades. Nowadays, every child knows everything about his or her favorite hero, with the classics Batman, Spider-Man and Superman being particularly popular, of course. The universe of superhero movies is shared by three studios: Disney with the MCU and its ex-competitor Fox, Sony with Spider-Man, Venom and Co. and finally Warner with all the DC movies. Today, we want to give you an overview of nine superhero movies worth looking forward to, including Spider-Man 3, Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage, Black Widow, The Batman, The Suicide Squad 2, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange 2, Morbius and Thor 4: Love and Thunder. So enjoy our latest Originals episode!

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